Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Friends Along the Way

In our journey in this life, we run across many people. Some become our friends, some are co-workers, and some are just passing through. Then there are the distinctive few, that become your best friends, your confidantes. There's a special connection that puts them on a different level than other friends. Growing up, they would be your best friend.

My husband and I were fortunate enough to connect with our friends, Dan and Sandi. For the past 4 and 1/2 years we've shared the birth of children, music, cancer diagnosis (and recovery), the passing of other friends, and the struggles with our jobs and even with our spouses. Now, Dan and Sandi are leaving. They have a job opportunity they can't turn down. We're very excited for them, but as my husband and I are thinking about them, we realize we don't have any other friends on the same level as Dan and Sandi. We have acquaintances, and other friends, but none we have the same connection with as we do with these extraordinary people.

We are thankful to God for blessing this friendship, and bringing these wonderful people in to our lives, but truly our hearts are breaking as we watch them leave and head out to new adventures. It's strange knowing there's no one here in our hometown that we have this same level of friendship with... but maybe that will change in time. We trust God to guide us and bring new people into our lives who will bless us as much as Dan and Sandi have.

We need to take the time to cultivate friendships, and make people count in our lives. We get wrapped up in day-to-day living, problems with the kids or issues at home. It’s easy to focus only on our own situations. But we can’t do that always. We need friends, we need fellowship, and we need to share our lives with others. Value your friends for they are precious.

Friday, August 25, 2006

The Journey and the Goal

I've often wondered if, going through our day to day life, we get so focused on the finish line, or on the completion of our goals or plans, that we miss the journey along the way. What's the saying? "Life is what happens when you're making other plans." I agree with that. I want to make each day count, but I know there are many wasted days and time that I won't recapture again. As a writer, there are those days when I let distractions take over and I do anything and everything NOT to write. Even when I have the time and nothing to interfere. Why would suddenly vacuuming the house become so much more appealing than writing?

As a Christian, I also don't want to waste the time God's given me on this earth. Every day is a gift, and every day is precious. Sometimes in the solitude of my day I've let things slipped by unnoticed or wasted the day with the television on instead of my eyes opened to the wonders of the world.

I'm not saying not to set goals. I have goals, dreams, plans for the future. I just want to pay attention and enjoy the journey along the way to seeing those dreams come true.